Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence tools & Applications

Neural Networks

Probabilistic Reasoning

Evolutionary Computing

Pattern recognition

Heuristic Planning Strategies and Tools

Computer Vision and Speech Understanding

Data Mining and Machine Tools

Reactive Distributed AI

Natural Language Processing

Hybrid Intelligent Systems

Intelligent System Architectures

Network Intelligence Multimedia & Cognitive

Informatics Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence

Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies

Web Intelligence Applications & Search

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics

Innovative methods for big data analytics

Techniques for mining unstructured,

spatial-temporal, streaming and/or multimedia data

Machine learning from big data

Search and optimization for big data

Parallel, accelerated, and distributed big data analytics

Value and performance of big data analytics

Data visualization

Real-world applications such as default detection, cyber crime,

e-commerce, e-health etc

Improving forecasting models using big data analytics

Security and privacy in big data era

Online community and big data

Internet of Things

Efficient Energy Management of Computing Resources for

1. IoT Architectures (Things-Centric, Data-Centric and Service-Centric Architectures)

2. Mobile and Cloud-Based IoT Designs

3. IoT based Embedded and Information Systems.

4. IoT Enabling Technologies (Sensor Networks and Machine-Type Communication)

5. IoT Services (Open Service Platform and Semantic Service Management) ·

Hybrid Energy Efficient Intelligent Models using Artificial Intelligence in IoT for Industry

Energy Efficient Meta-Heuristic Algorithms for IoT and Wearable Computing

Hybrid Energy Optimization Methods and Emerging Real World Applications of IoT in Industry

Innovative Deep Learning Architectures for Optimizing Time Series Computational Data in IoT

Cloud Technology

Health Informatics as a Service (HIaaS) for any type of health informatics, computation and services

Security as a Service ,proofs-of-concept, accountability and risk, quantitative analysis, trust and privacy

Financial Software as a Service (FSaaS) risk and pricing analysis, predictive modeling

Business intelligence

Education as a Service (EaaS)

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Software Engineering approaches informal methods, agile methods and theoretical algorithms for Cloud

Natural Science as a Service (NSaaS) weather forecasting, weather data visualization, geographic information systems and Cloud Computing for physical science research

Mobile System as a Service (MSaaS)

Gaming as a Service (GaaS) Framework (conceptual, logical or software)

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) for any types of analytics

Electrical Platform as a Service (EPaaS), energy-saving and Green IT services Social Clouds and Analytics

User Evaluations and Case Studies with both qualitative and quantitative methods

Proofs-of-concepts for overcoming challenges for Cloud Computing Any other emerging services

BlockChain Bitcoin

Theories of blockchain and distributed systems

Smart contract and distributed ledger for IoT devices and data

Distributed consensus on resource-limited IoT devices

Blockchain schemes for decentralization in IoT

Byzantine fault tolerance

Security of blockchain and decentralized schemes for IoT

Performance evaluation of blockchain and decentralized schemes for IoT

IoT applications with blockchain technique

Lightweight protocols and algorithms for IoT devices

Lightweight data structures for IoT data

Blockchain based IoT security solutions

Applications of blockchain in IoT scenarios

Blockchain and Bitcoin Security

Blockchain in social networking

Bolckchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing

Network Security

Models for wireless networks security

Secure mobile PHY/MAC protocols

Algorithms for wireless networks Security

Secure mobile-routing protocols

Privacy management for wireless networks

Security under resource constraints

Cross-layer design for trust, security and privacy in wireless networks

Secure roaming across administrative domains

Economics of wireless network security

Trust establishment, negotiation, and management

Privacy and anonymity of Wireless Network

Key management in wireless networks

Threat and vulnerability analysis for mobile communication

Cryptographic protocols for Wireless Network Security

Authentication and access control in mobile networks

Intrusion detection and tolerance in Wireless Network ·

Denial of service in Wireless networks ·

Case study of Wireless Network Security

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